While each child is unique, here are some behaviors you may notice in your "terrific" two-year-old:

  • Combine two words to make a simple sentence
  • ​Refer to their own name when talking about themselves
  • ​Run and jump easily
  • Walk without falling
  • Play longer with toys
  • Create imaginary friends and fantasies
  • Play “pretend” games
  • Indicate toilet needs
  • Like to help
  • Say “NO” often
  • Like doing things their way
  • Strive for independence

What do twos do?



On the move... and growing!

Your little one is growing - and so is her world! Now that the basics of movement and language are underway, its time to focus on developing the skills for which toddlerhood created a foundation: sharing, sense of self, language, arts, math, science, culture and large muscle growth.

Children in the Twos Room are learning to be more independent and self-sufficient. We help to foster these skills by teaching children how to complete tasks (such as putting their coats on or taking out their lunches) and then providing positive reinforcement.

Many children become interested in potty training in the Twos Room. There is a child-sized bathroom in the room and children are encouraged to try the potty at various times during the day. We work collaboratively with parents to establish consistent expectations and reward systems during potty training.

The Twos follow a sequential daily schedule. They continue to have many opportunities to choose activities, but we do offer increased exposure to structured activities. The activities are posted outside the room, either weekly or monthly in advance, depending on the teacher's planning preference. Themes for the week include fun, educational topics such as Body Parts, Fairy Tales, and Fall Fun. Pre-academic skills, such as color and letter recognition, sorting, and sequencing are incorporated into the daily routine.

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