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It's not all fun and games!

Toddlerhood is a time of dramatic change and numerous challenges for both the toddler and their parents. 

Toddlers need to learn to:

  • Identify the difference between themselves and others

  • Tolerate being separated from their parents

  • Control their bodily functions (toilet training)

  • Behave socially and interact with others - to share, wait for their turn, not hurt others

  • Communicate using language

That's a lot of change in a short period of time! We're here to help you and your toddler enjoy and celebrate this important period in both your lives!




Gaining confidence and individuality


What could be more exciting than to be a toddler?! You're up on your own two feet and everything you see, touch, taste, and smell is a new adventure. At Bates Rich, we are fiercely committed to providing a safe environment for your toddler that will challenge their emerging skills. We will teach a sense of self, especially as separate from others, and work to build self-esteem through a variety of positive experiences.

Teachers in the Toddler Room provide language experiences through daily exposure to books, story tapes, songs and more. Various art forms are incorporated into weekly themes to provide exposure to different colors, shapes and textures. Caregivers provide opportunities for each child to learn rules and expectations for social interactions, and they provide a learning environment in which toddlers may freely test and explore with as little restrictions placed on them as possible.

Caregivers encourage and facilitate sharing, in appropriate circumstances. They allow ample opportunities for independent play. They encourage children to "use their words" to solve problems and conflicts and to express their feelings.

A toddler's day begins to have some structure while still allowing ample opportunity for choosing activities. Each day includes a combination of free choice play along with more structured activities specifically designed to develop the intellectual, social, cultural, physical and emotional growth of toddlers.

While your toddler will be cared for by a team of trained professionals, while in addition each toddler is assigned one specific primary caregiver. This caregiver is the primary contact for your toddler and a few other children, allowing the toddler to continue to form secure attachments and learn to trust in the adults around them.

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