• Three-year-olds learn primarily through exploring, using all the senses.
  • ​Language for three-year-olds is taking off. They learn lots of new words and make major improvements in pronunciation.
  • Three-year-olds are also able to listen to and understand conversations, stories, songs and poems
  • Physically, three-year-olds are less top-heavy than toddlers and move with greater sureness.




expanding horizons


It's hard to believe it, but school is just around the corner for your vivacious, curious three-year-old. Our goal in the Threes Room is to prepare children for more formal learning activities by providing a series of hands-on activities. The learning environment encourages the children to develop the necessary skills for success in school. In addition, we continue to foster their social and emotional growth. Being safe, being respectful, and being kind are daily expectations.

We offer a program that recognizes the value of free choice activities combined with teacher-directed activities, outside play, art, science, music and dramatic play. When planning small groups, teachers choose activities that facilitate cognitive language development. Learning centers will be provided to allow children to make choices regarding what interests they wish to explore. During large group time, opportunities will be provided for active indoor and outdoor play, as well as dramatic play. Age-appropriate play equipment will be used for the development of large motor skills and coordination.

We help children develop a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity, and weekly themes will provide opportunities to learn about different customs and holidays. Teachers model appropriate responses and outcomes for various emotions, while teaching that all emotions are acceptable. Teachers demonstrate an interest in and respect for each child, and continue to provide a safe haven for children when they need it, by always having a lap available or a hand to hold.

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