Most school districts in Monroe County have made the transition to full-day Kindergarten. For many kids, Kindergarten is now a seven-hour day. The implementation of the Common Core curriculum in New York State has made these days not only longer but also more rigorous academically. 

We like all our Pre-Kers to come at least five days a week for three hours a day. This Monday-Friday schedule sets the stage for the following year, making the transition easier. We do offer convenient wrap care before and after Pre-K for children that need full-time care.

Why 5 days?

​​**We have opened up more spots for Pre-K 2018-2019! Please call for more information.**


Hands-on activities, customized learning experiences


Our Pre-Kindergarten program is available for children who are four years old before December 1st of the current school year. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which includes hands-on activities and a positive environment for social interactions and growth. In this way, we are able to foster individual rates of growth while preparing the children for more formal learning. The learning environment encourages children to develop a positive self-esteem, along with the readiness skills necessary to succeed in school.

We facilitate cognitive development through an integrated language arts, math and science program. This program includes early literacy development through reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences, and math and science readiness skills introduced through counting, patterning, graphing to make comparisons and problem-solving. Observation, prediction, experimentation and discovery are included in daily hands-on activities.

Through daily interaction with peers, children learn to adapt socially and emotionally to the world around them. Teachers validate children's feelings and help them learn to use language to solve problems, resolve conflicts and express their emotions. Each child's individual rate of growth is respected, with teachers providing opportunities for each child to express their individuality within the group.

We help children develop cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity through the use of books, music, newsprint, food and magazines. Regular field trips to places such as a farm market or a firehouse help teach children about their diverse community.

​To ensure individual attention, while still preparing children for the adjustment to larger classes, Pre-K class ratios are maintained at a maximum of eight students to one teacher. Group sizes are determined by New York State licensing standards. The lead Pre-K teacher is a New York State certified elementary school teacher. Parents are kept informed through the posting of lesson plans, monthly calendars, teacher newsletters, written evaluations and formal parent-teacher conferences.

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