"My younger son is in the Early K  program. This program is beyond
compare. He loves to learn each day, and is happy when he gets positive praise... which the teachers truly give every kid, every day. I would recommend Bates-Rich to anyone who is looking for a loving, fun, and educational program." 

-Jerry S

Jake would not be turning five until November. Academically, he was at or above the level of his peers. However, his parents had short-term concerns about his social readiness and also felt strongly that they did not want him to be the smallest or youngest in his class. They planned ahead for Jake to do two years of Kindergarten.

​​Lilah had attended Pre-K five mornings a week and was doing well, but her parents were still on the fence about sending her to the public schools. They worried that going from approximately 15 hours of structured time each week, with three teachers, to more than that twice that amount of instruction, in a new school with only one teacher, would be too much for her. Her parents liked the idea of a longer day with more support. They planned to decide on Kindergarten or first grade later on, based on her readiness.

Every child and each situation is unique. We invite you to set up an appointment to come in chat with us about the early learning experience that will best serve your child. 

When is early kindergarten a good choice?

​​**We are currently enrolling for 2018/2019. Please call or email anytime for more information!**

early kindergarten


Studies have shown that the keys to success in school are a love for learning, confidence in abilities and a positive experience the first year.


The Bates-Rich Early Kindergarten program is an excellent choice for any child who would benefit from another year before kindergarten, or those that could benefit from a smaller class size, a more individualized curriculum, and/or more social and emotional support. The advantages of our program include:

  • Smaller group size
  • Two experienced, certified teachers
  • An emergent curriculum ​​derived from the specific interests and needs of individual children
  • Continuity of care for children and any siblings who already attend the Center
  • Convenient wrap care for working parents
  • Close, daily working relationship between parents and teachers


All kindergarten teachers are New York State Certified to teach Kindergarten. Teacher's Assistants also have a strong background in Early Childhood Education. To ensure individual attention, while still preparing children for the adjustment to larger classes, the kindergarten class is limited to 18 children, with two teachers.

Formal parent-teacher conferences are held twice each school year, to keep you well-informed of your child's progress. Teacher conferences are also available, by request, throughout the school year.

The Early Kindergarten curriculum incorporates the following subject matters and objectives:

Language and Literacy

Through exposure to and immersion of spoken and written language, learners will develop an interest and appreciation for language. Activities in this area of development will include culturally sensitive and anti-bias goals.


Through hands-on experiences, children will be introduced to various mathematical concepts. Activities should augment problem-solving and counting skills, and also facilitate knowledge, application and analysis of mathematical concepts.

Social Studies

Experiences will facilitate and increase an awareness of self-concept, social skills, and family and community. They should also encourage the enhancement of nurturing behaviors.


This area of activity will focus on promoting the
growth of critical thinking, tactile, visual, olfactory and auditory skills.

Movement/Large Motor Development

We will provide and facilitate experiences that ensure the development of gross motor skills.

Fine Motor

Experiences will promote the development of eye-hand coordination, and also enhance and encourage the growth of eye-hand skills.

Art/Music and Creative Expression

Experiences should further creative self-expression and promote appreciation of the creativity of others. Focus will be on exposure to various forms of art, music, and creative expression.

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