Marce Spong

Marce Spong is the Director of the Center. Marce joined Bates-Rich in March of 2015. She has a BS in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children from SUNY Brockport as well as the New York State Children's Program Administrator's Credential. Marce has worked with children of different ages for over 10 years and also has experience working with children with special needs. Marce's first-born started in our infant room in 2017.

Art Bates

Art Bates is the Business Manager and Co-Owner of Bates-Rich. Art keeps the Center's books running smoothly and is in charge of all of the mechanical operations. He also enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren who attend Bates-Rich.

Laura Bates

Laura is the Co-Owner of Bates-Rich Child Care. She has been working in early childhood for more than 35 years. Laura is highly respected in the community as a leader in Early Childhood Education. Her years of hands-on care have provided her with unparalleled experience working with children, families and teachers.

... about Laura

Laura's career in child care began at a very early age - she is the second oldest daughter in a family of 6 boys and 5 girls. You might say that caring for children is in her DNA.

... about Marce

Marce had her first child in August of 2017 and she has quickly become familiar with the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a working mother. Marce's free time is spent having family time with her husband, son and energetic pup.

... about Art

In between keeping things running smoothly at the center, Art enjoys the Syracuse Orangemen, fishing on Lake Ontario, and bobbing a grandchild on each knee. (He is now short two knees!) 

...about the center

​We've been caring for children since 1978. The first location was Janet Rich Day Care in Brighton. We then went on to operate another center in Brighton and one downtown. In June of 2004, Bates-Rich Child Care in Fairport opened. Come by and take a tour! 

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At Bates-Rich, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned, stand-alone Center.  Parents and children love the 'family feel,' and we love having them as part of our family.